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Address: Sava Ilića 5 Igalo
Phone number: +382 31 658 111
Field of activity: Medical rehabilitation
Number of employees: 668

General information

Institute "Dr. Simo Milosevic "Igalo is Montenegro's largest and most important center for multipurpose spa treatment. It is the initiator of modern physical and preventive medicine, rehabilitation, thalassotherapy and medical wellness and becomes one of the major international centers for the rehabilitation of children, adults and elderly.

The health and spa center in Igalo was founded in 1949 due to the medical characteristics of local natural resources. Today, the Institute is a diagnostic-therapeutic center that offers various rehabilitation and health treatments under the supervision of specialists and expert medical teams.

The complex is positioned on the market by providing health services in parallel with accommodation, wellness, sports and recreational services.

The Faculty of Physiotherapy at the Institute was opened in 1976 and was turned into the Faculty of Applied Physiotherapy in 2004. The Institute is a teaching base of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montenegro.

In the Institute, a special emphasis is placed on improving health in which preventive medicine programs (for obesity, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis) are implemented by introducing healthy lifestyles. Therefore, within the Institute, a Center for Hypertension, Infection and Hospitals prevention - HISPA Center was opened, as part of HISPA MNE and HISPA International Association. The basic idea of these centers is a highly-specialized health service for the preservation and improvement of health.

With the opening of the Scientific Research Research Center licensed by the Ministry of Health at the Institute, conditions have been created to try to scientifically demonstrate the empirically validated effectiveness of natural factors in the treatment and prevention of many conditions and diseases, which is an existing trend in Europe (by setting EB for therapeutic use of natural healing factors).